Using Docker to help build .NET websites on MacOS

Everybody knows, you never go Full-Mac, right?

Learning the tooling to help build websites on Macs (or Linux) using Docker to help build websites.

Dev Tips : SSH Keys - Remote Host Identification Has Changed

SSH Keys in a network testing environment

How to fix problems with SSH Keys in your local certificate authority file - known_hosts.

Dev Tips : URLSearchParams

Your friendly Querystring Helper built right into Javascript

URLSearchParams - a querystring parsing Javascript API, and using

Being awarded an Umbraco MVP

Learning I had been awarded an Umbraco 2021 MVP award

Help! I'm stuck in Vi!

How to quit Vi editor

Skrift : Running Umbraco on a Raspberry Pi

Updated to run on .NET 5

Additional info to go with my article in Skrift Magazine : 'Running umbraco on a Raspberry pi or how I stopped worrying and learned to love linux'. The notes here have been updated to run on .NET 5.

Why did I start a blog?

And why did it take so long?!?!

Thoughts on why I started this blog site 🤓💻✍

Disable TLS 1 & 1.1, SSL v2, SSL v3 and the RC4 cypher in IIS

Disable TLS 1 and 1.1 as well as RC4 Cyphers in IIS