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Below are a list of the main events and conferences I have spoken at, and the publications I've written for, not counting my own blog. In addition to the below I occasionally do love-coding livestreams on twitch at and host a few instructional videos on my YouTube channel at

I am happy to speak about my experiences and expertise at conferences and meet-ups, if you would like to contact me to speak at your event, please use the links in this site to get in touch.


Docker is a gateway Drug - .NET Everywhere - June 2022

I spoke at DDD South West covering 10 tips and tricks that .NET developers can use with docker, and how Docker can help streamline and augment existing development processes, as well as open new patterns and structures. I based this talk on my own personal transition from a traditional web developer using IIS and local database servers and services, transitioning to using Docker and Cloud hosting.

I covered concepts around Docker, Micro-Services, hosting containers on Raspberry Pis (on the Arm Architecture), hosting Razor pages and BlazorWASM web applications alongside services like databases and queues in applications. I also touched on using K3S to host applications on local Kubernetes clusters and DevOps with Docker applications.


Containers and Umbraco - using Docker to host a load balanced Umbraco website - June 2022

During Codegarden, the annual Umbraco conference I gave a talk about hosting Umbraco websites in Docker, and creating load-balanced websites using containers which could be hosted in managed or self-hosted applications. It was based on hosting websites running on .NET 6 and running on containers running Kestrel, and in the talk I covered using both ASP.Net Core based websites on Umbraco, as well as Blazor Web Assembly based applications connecting to an API serving content from the same site.

In addition to running the talk, I also ran a separate 2 hour workshop both online and in-person, attended by around 75 people, covering how to set up and host the containers for the .NET 6 Umbraco application and the Blazor WASM application, and to start it up. The code for this workshop is available here :

When the video is available on youtube, I will update the link in this article.


Umbraco and Docker - Hosting .NET Web Applications in containers - April and May 2022

As a 2 part article for Skrift.Io, an online magazine predominantly around the Umbraco content management system going through concepts and tutorials around how to host a content management system running on .NET 5 on a docker container, and how to load balance it, how to share media an resources between the containers. 

The articles were published in two parts available at : 


Micro-Service application built around the Umbraco CMS v9 on Docker On Raspberry Pis - December 2021

For the 2021 Festive Tech Calendar, I wrote and recorded a video demonstrating how to use Umbraco on .NET 5 running as part of a micro-service application, and running on Raspberry Pis. The video is available at


Micro-Architectures: Umbraco on Docker - December 2021

I created and recorded a 2-part youtube series on hosting an Umbraco application in Docker containers and running on Raspberry Pis as a follow on to my November talk. In addition to covering the core concepts, I built an example application using Umbraco running on a container on .NET 5, a container running RabbitMQ, a listener process running which displayed a message on an LED grid. The videos are available at :


Umbraco on Linux on Docker on a Raspberry Pi Homelab - November 2021

For the Umbraco Together event, hosted concurrently in Bristol, London and Glasgow, I spoke about running Umbraco as part of a container-based application on a Raspberry Pi docker cluster. I covered my personal journey of discovery using Docker and a cluster of Raspberry Pis. In this talk I covered setting up the raspberry pi cluster, installing Docker hosts on the cluster, hosting SQL Azure Edge on Docker on a Raspberry Pi, hosting a load-balanced Umbraco application on a raspberry Pi, building and deploying containers, and using complimentary services like RabbitMQ and Redis Cache on the same container hosts. 


Almost OSS Nirvana : Running Umbraco on Linux for fun and profit - June 2021

For the Online only Umbraco Codegarden conference I spoke about running the latest version of Umbraco 9, running on .NET 5 on Linux. Umbraco was, until this release, focused on Windows hosting on IIS - this version opened access to Linux hosting, so I covered concepts around hosting .NET 5 websites on IIS, and covered similarities and differences around hosting websites on Linux vs on Windows.

During the talk I demoed an identical application running on both Windows and Linux virtual machines, compared the setup and did a load/performance test for hosting Umbraco on the two platforms. The recording of this talk is available at,


Running Umbraco on a Raspberry Pi or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Linux - January 2021

With the release of Umbraco 9 Beta running on .NET Core 3.1, I wrote about how to configure a Raspberry Pi on the Arm Architecture, how to clone the application and compile it for Arm, and how to host the application on the Raspberry Pi. As part of this I had to also cover how to install and run the .NET Core Runtime on a raspberry Pi. The article is available at