About me

I've been a developer for as long as I can remember - long before I did it professionally I was writing little text based adventure games to keep myself and my friends entertained. From the  first days writing  on Basic and Borland dBase III, through tinkering with Visual basic in the early days of Windows 3.1 (Kids, ask your parents), a smattering of Assembler, C, C++, then Html, CSS, JavaScript. From there to classic ASP and ultimately to dot Net 1.0 and beyond all the way to the latest cross-platform .NET tools.

These days I write work with .net code, either writing bespoke software or using the Umbraco Content management system, and with a side order of Azure and Xamarin. For my day-job I work as part of Mondo Media as a consultant and systems architect, helping companies build cool things. In my spare time I like to tinker with IoT, Raspberry Pis, micro-processors, and am an occasional speaker at meetups and conferences.

This blog is primarily somewhere for me to share my thoughts and ramblings, and to keep code for my future self. If you have questions about anything on get in touch using social media or using the contact page. 

This site is based on a modified version of the Simple Website template by the excellent Paul Seal and adapted to my needs. The template used is from Start Bootstrap.