Why did I start a blog?

And why did it take so long?!?!

Posted on February 01, 2021

A reasonably while ago I came across this article on Scott Henselman's site called 'Your Blog is The Engine of Community'. I read it and really liked the idea, but at the time I did read it, I was too wrapped up in other things to have the the capacity to think about starting a blog. 

But the idea festered. I would talk at meetups, I would give internal presentations, I would speak at local conferences, but I never blogged during all this time. That was a missed opportunity, and that ends today!

At the start of the great Pandemic of 2019-20-21, one positive thing to come out of it was online meet-ups which allowed me to join in with more geographically distant groups, and that gave me the opportunity to present more ideas, give more talks, and get more ideas from the community. I really enjoyed it, so riding on that high I have started my blog up again. 

So.. Deep breath. Here we go!